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Dagmar Nováková
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Czech Republic

Land of Milk and Honey

Co je doma, to se počítá

What's at home, counts

With the moniker 'The Heart of Europe' being but one of its many names, the Czech Republic is a nation full of beauty, mystery, and rich with history. Despite its independence day in 1993, the Czech Republic has existed through various reincarnations and names.

Once a tribe, then a kingdom, an empire, a territory, a state and a nation, it all boils down to a land where one can feel the determination, bravery and pride that which the people feel towards their nation that has withstood the wars and bloodshed and yet are still stand all and proud.




I'm wondering if i should bother drawing anymore
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I am mostly English speaking. :D
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February 3rd Dream Log

 Cuttle Shark Island- Beneath the surface, Cuttle Sharks (Red wobigon sharks with glowing blue circles) that act as algae eaters who live in the crystal blue waters with underwater volcanos. Below, slumbering is a giant shark that pays you no mind.

A shapeless Blob that can take the image of something you desire and follows you no matter where you may go.

Sophie Hatter is kidnapped by the Ottoman Empire and finds herself struggling to Accept it as a variety of gifts are given to her and is forced to essentially give in to her lot in life. 

Sophie is given the party dress from the Cat Returns.
Rose-of-Bohemia Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A party in the castle of Sir Bacchus the Gallant was a most auspicious occasion to behold let alone attend. The knight of the now dead King Gottfried was known back in the day as a brave, all be it reckless knight with a love of adventure and a love of fine wine and company. 

With his days of adventure long gone, he now spent his retirement as landlord to his lands, and father to his children, adding a party or two when the occasion arise. 

The occasion to be exact was in celebration of his eldest son gaining the title of ‘Sir Antonio’, knighted just that morning when the first winter snow had begun to fall, truly a good omen. Once the ceremony had ceased the ever so proud papa hosted the finest feast had ever had in years, the finest meats and drink offered to the guests of all nobility in jubilation of Antonio’s accomplishment.

Whilst all enjoyed themselves and made merry, there was one who sat as a spectator to the merriment, a boy, no older than thirteen, watching as his older brother was praised and congratulated, father’s arm around him with such pride, the boy’s heart twisting horribly, making his appetite escape him and his want for drink ignored. 

This was Arthur, the young son of Bacchus. Many of nobel knew the boy was a mere foundling child, taken in by the kind knight, the lack of likeness (save for the green eyes) staggering to those who looked upon the dark family including two twin sisters who held their father’s locks and complexion, whilst the poor boy was as pale as the fresh fallen snow and hair like fine spun gold. What truly stood out between the boy and his foster family were his eyebrows. So thick they were they seemed to be like caterpillars that had decided to take refuge over his eyes and was often mocked for it by his brother and sisters. 

In their taunts and insults to his pride they had forged a will unbreakable, and a spirit that burned with such fire that none could break him and his incorrigible attitude towards all that held authority, often at the result of him embarrassing his father at his parties with his spark tongue. However tonight he was deathly silent, no snide remarks towards a nobleman he found obnoxious, no mischievous whispers in maiden’s ears, and no over consumption of mead that sent him spouting out untranslatable gibberish. Just a boy sitting quietly and looking angered, disappointed and above all bitter. 

The guest of honor greeted the guests and their praises being showered upon him, his cheerful, innocent face reflecting the joy he felt in this moment. Seeing his brother however, he saw him looking so down and given he was put into a good mood now, approached him with no sense of malice or rivalry between them, having a pint for them both as he sat beside him. “Hey hermanito why the long face?” He asked him in his cheerful voice as the boy looked off with a scoff, the boy the very last he’d wanted to see let alone talk to! 

“Piss off.” He said dryly, making to leave only for Antonio to grab onto his shirt and yank the scrawny boy back into his seat. “Oh, you can’t hide anything from me little Arturo.” He teased him as he put the mead in front of him now. “Now tell your big brother what the problem is!” He encouraged the other which only seem to flair up his temper, the spainard clearly not noticing as he was as dense as they came when it came to other’s feelings. 

“I told you to piss off, you thick dolt!” He yelled at the other making many a guest raise an eyebrow and Antonio pout. “But I want to help you…” He said with earnest only for that sincerity to be met with a punch to the face that sent him backwards and onto he floor. “You can help me by leaving me alone you pompous wanker!” He yelled as he quickly took his leave to the stables to be alone whilst hearing the harsh whispers of the guests, hearing their sneers towards his barbaric behavior and how one was to expect it from a heathen like him, the adopted child who hadn’t a single drop of noble blood, a disgrace to the family and its reputation.

Rose-of-Bohemia Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Sugar Scrubs
Salt Scrubs
Bath Salts
Rose-of-Bohemia Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
“Arthur, polish my armor.” 

With that simple order, a flash of rebellion touched young Arthur son of Bacchus. It wasn’t a rarity when this occurred, the boy headstrong and stubborn, unwilling to follow orders unless threatened or bribed, however the person who gave the order made his rebellious spirit, blaze as he proceeded to ignore his ‘master’.

His master was his older brother Sir Antonio, a tall, handsome man that had grown into his dark features 
Rose-of-Bohemia Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Chapter One

Never was there a boy more determined to prove himself like Arthur, son of Sir Roman. The young lad just shy of his sixteenth year could always be found about the grounds of the old castle that was their home; polishing the armor, sharpening swords, grooming the horses, everything that a good squire did for his master. 

His master was in fact his older brother, Sir Antonio, the man a fit and strong warrior, the perfect fit for a knight. Compared to his brother and master, Arthur was small and lanky, having no quite grown into his body yet, making the idea of him being put into a suit of armor laughable given he’d sooner shrink in it than walk about freely!
Rose-of-Bohemia Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
King Scandanvia-Queen Britannia-

Queen Delwyn



King Germania-Queen Britannia-


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